Quality Assurance

MIKEL strives to establish, maintain, and improve all internal processes or controls by providing products of the highest quality to meet or exceed our customer’s specifications and expectations at a competitive price with a timely delivery. Company leadership is committed to instill ISO 9001:2008 based Quality Management System principles into the company’s culture and daily practices. This philosophy infuses a long-term commitment to quality, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. MIKEL fosters a team approach to problem solving and preventive action by empowering all employees to be quality ambassadors. Specifically, we strive to ensure":"

  1. ISO 9001 quality standards are met or exceeded
  2. Customer needs are understood and satisfied
  3. Product and advice quality is consistent
  4. Quality products and services are delivered on time
  5. All communications are clear and effective
  6. All staff participate in continuous improvement
Our Quality Management System (QMS) includes corporate business policies, procedures, work instructions, templates, forms, and checklists, all available via a SharePoint portal for employees on and off-site. Because our projects are diverse, our QMS procedures have been designed to be dynamic to meet the needs of a small, simple project as well as a large, complex one. Our system allows each project to adapt to the “best business sense” practice while still performing the required standardized processes to ensure a quality product or service.


Point Of Contact

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